TUM Business Club e.V.

The TUM Business Club is an accredited student initiative of the TU Munich and consists in large parts of the projects TUM Speakers Series and TUM Business Game. Formerly, the TUM Business Club also united the student body TUM-WIN/TUM-NAWI/MiM, but this was incorporated into the Student Council TUM-SoM .

Since its foundation in 1999, the TUM Speakers Series has organized over 130 events with personalities from business, science and politics. In 2016, the TUM Business Game was founded by members of the TUM Business Club e.V. and was added to our portfolio as an international case study competition.

It is our greatest effort to be able to present unique events with interesting personalities and companies from all industries to our fellow students through student-organized events at the Technical University of Munich. On the other side, we want to give our members a voice and enable them to actively participate in one of the largest student initiatives at TUM.

The TUM Business Club e.V. is represented by a two-member executive board and a treasurer. As an advisory body, the club is supported by a board of trustees with personalities from business, science and politics.

Members of the 1st Board of Trustees

Herr Rudolf Faltermeier
Herr Prof. Dr. Joachim Henkel
Herr Prof. Dr. Wolfgang A. Herrmann
Herr Dr. Günter Jordan
Herr Prof. Dr. Hans D. Kalscheuer
Herr Prof. Dr. Christoph Kaserer
Frau Dr. Hannemor Keidel
Herr Prof. Dr. Edward G. Krubasik
Herr Prof. Dr. Ralf Reichwald
Herr Dr. Helmut Schönenberger
Herr Prof. Dr. Florian von Wangenheim
Herr Prof. Dr. Horst Wildemann

This Board of Trustees was dissolved over time and replaced by the Advisory Board of the TUM Speakers Series in 2015.

Our values...

For students

Everything we do, we do for our fellow students. Our first priority is to present only top-class events to our fellow students.

For the team

We work in a fun yet challenging environment so that the team becomes not just colleagues, but friends. Being together in harmony is a cornerstone of our work.

For the future

We want to work sustainably, not only in terms of resources, but also with a view to the talents of our members. Each and every one of us can develop completely and discover and deepen undreamt-of talents. We have set ourselves the goal of promoting the soft skills of our members.

Our structure and projects...

Our current board...

Yannik Kaiser

Yannik Kaiser

Chairman of the Board

Studies: Physics, Medicine

Jennifer Veigl

Jennifer Veigl


Studies: Business Administration, Political Science

Moritz Müller

Moritz Müller

Member of the Board

Studies: TUM-BWL, B.Sc.